Bridgend Centre – Statement on Coronavirus situation 17th March 2020

After careful consideration we feel that it is our responsibility to take action to minimise the risk to our visitors against the serious illness COVID-19 (caused by the Coronavirus).

All Bridgend activities, groups, walks plus the community kitchen will be suspended. The Bridgend Buddies service will continue over the telephone in order to minimise loneliness of those we support as much as possible.

We are currently reviewing the situation regarding the Charity Shop but it will not be open on Wednesday 18th March. Any updates on this will be on our website and Facebook page. We apologise for the uncertainty around this but this situation is very unique.  

We feel that it is our responsibility to encourage all visitors to follow government guidelines and not to visit the Centre if they are vulnerable or unwell. We would also remind them to regularly wash their hands.

We have every intention to continue supporting the community as much as we can, while we can. While the shop is open Community Workers will be available at the Centre for support or to provide signposting information over the telephone.

A lot of our volunteers are over 70 or choosing to self-isolate so our services could become more stretched going forward so please bear with us as we handle this unprecedented situation.