The Bridgend Centre Community Café (photo by Andy Aitchison)

Without our volunteers we would be unable to provide the breadth of activities, services and events that we do for the community. Our volunteers are the backbone of the centre and we are immensely proud of their contributions to it. 

Our volunteers work in many roles in the Centre, such as;

* working in our charity shop,

* working in our community kitchen

* leading walks

* maintaining trails

* IT roles

* manning events such as being marshals at our annual Hill Race

If you’ve never volunteered before then you really are in for a treat. Knowing that you can make a difference in your community is a tremendously fulfilling experience. Volunteering will give you a great feeling of self accomplishment and is a highly motivating and rewarding experience. The gift of your time and patience has more value than any gift you’ve ever given. Get in touch today, and start making a real difference in your community.

Specific roles we are currently currently looking to recruit for are: