Shielders chat group

The outside world gathers momentum as social distancing measures are lifted, and at the same time some support and shielding grind to a halt. For people who were shielding this means a sudden dramatic shift from a degree of security to being left to your own devices. The safety barrier has been lifted and it feels strange, scary and rather worrying.

Thoughts that may cross your mind are my local shop delivery services going to cease? When I do venture into a place, am I getting left behind?

Join our chat group for former shielders in order to spend time with others who are sharing this experience. We could perhaps share ways to overcome the fears and obstacles. Join the Zoom chat on Thursday 13th August at 2pm to see how together we can move from a feeling of disconnect to reconnect

To register email Claire before 5pm Tuesday 11th August, at Or phone the Bridgend on 01625 576311 to book your place if you do not have the internet.

Bridgend Tree Trails

The Bridgend Centre are proud to announce their latest publication – Bridgend Tree Trails. These four walks, all starting and finishing at the Bridgend Centre can be walked individually or in combination to create a 14-mile loop around Bollington.

Originally set up by the Bridgend around 9 years ago, the walks have been checked and routes revised with input from local artists, photographers and Bollington graphic designer Pete Thorpe of Visual Machine.

There will soon be a downloadable version with children’s activity sheets on the website but in the meantime, you can pick up one of these lovely booklets for a suggested donation of £1 from the Bridgend Centre and get out and about following the new markers in the warm weather this weekend and beyond!

Eddie’s ambitious ascent wins him top spot!

The winner of both our under-16 category and highest male ascent, Eddie Mackintosh, shares his running experience and has a few handy tips on where to train on hills around Bollington!

My name is Eddie I’m 14, I ran the virtual Bollington Nostalgia Race on the 3rd of July and targeted the ascent challenge, I first heard about the virtual races thanks to a flier that was on the front of the Co-Op. I had decided to take part as I was beginning to feel a lack of motivation due to having no competitions in my main sport (canoe slalom) for over 4 months. It was my first interaction that I have had with the Bridgend Centre and the first time I had competed in the Bollington Nostalgia race. I started running back in 2019 doing the Macclesfield Park Run but only started increasing my distance since February this year averaging between 40-50 kilometres a week.

Eddie competing in canoe slalom

The route I took for the run I found to be very challenging with over 540m of ascent. Furthermore, the weather didn’t help my pace, leading to me tripping on the descent of Nab Head (the first hill of the route), however it was a fun route with some good climbs. The advice I have for anyone trying to get into running is you must start small and slowly build up, don’t go out hard on all of your runs or you’ll burn yourself out before you can properly get started and always listen to your body and if it hurts where it shouldn’t, take a break. Anyone training for hills, I would recommend to try and get to a certain level of fitness before getting the elevation, once you are ready the steeper the better. I would recommend Kerridge ridge, Nab Head and Bull Hill (other side of Rainow, above Penny Lane) to get started on. Then Bakestonedale, Sponds Hill and Andrews Knob for longer climbs over towards Lyme Park.

Eddie running along a track in the countryside

Thanks for reading,

Eddie Mackintosh

Bridgend Charity Shop opening on Monday!

We are so excited that our charity shop will be re-opening this coming Monday!

Things will be a little different in order to keep our staff, volunteers and customers as safe as possible such as restricted hours, a one way system, limited numbers and anti-bacterial gel throughout. Staff will keep you advised and full details are on our website.

We will be accepting donations of up to four bags or boxes by appointment only. Booking an appointment can be done quickly and easily on our website at

Fantastic Prizes for the Bollington Nostalgia Virtual Race

We already have some fantastic prizes for the category winners for the Virtual Race coming up soon. Thank you so much to all the businesses who have donated, we hugely appreciate it. They include:

6 x 12 mix packs of Red Willow Real Ale

Large fruit and veg box with jars from Fruits of the Forage

1 health assessment from AIG fitness

Weekly Yoga or Pilates class for 1 month from Variety Fitness (available over Zoom)

£25 voucher to spend on Body Shop products from Becca’s Beauty Buys

3 course meal from the Indian Goat at their next pop up event in Bollington

121 coaching session from Little Connections coaching

More to follow! So if you want to be in with a chance of winning one of these fab prizes, sign up to run our Virtual Race today.

Lindsay – our furthest flung competitor?

Could Lindsay Graham from Carlisle be our furthest flung competitor in the Bollington Nostalgia Virtual Race? Here is her story.

Hi everyone. My name is Lindsay and I’ve signed up to do the virtual Bollington Nostalgia Hill Race in support of the Bridgend Centre.

I am originally from Macclesfield but now live in Carlisle, Cumbria. I have strong family links with Bollington; my dad was born there and my auntie, uncle and cousins still live there, so when I saw the virtual race it really sparked my interest. I work for a charity too so when I saw this race was organised by a charity which makes a valuable contribution to the Bollington community that was the deal sealer for me and I signed up!

When I lived locally I wasn’t a runner, in fact I was definitely a couch potato and avoided all sport at all costs! About 8 years ago I needed to lose a lot of weight and lead a healthier lifestyle so took up running. I mainly ran on the road and did parkrun but more recently I have loved fell running and cross country. I’m not fast but I absolutely love training, taking part in events and meeting new people!

I’m really looking forward to taking part in the Bollington Nostalgia run and wish everyone the best of luck!