For over 20 years the Centre has been running reminiscence projects within our local community and through collection of oral history we have captured many unique memories.

The way people lived, worked and played has changed dramatically since Bollington was a thriving, self contained mill town and we feel it is vital to record as much as possible of this history before all memories disappear.

From the mid-90s many of these memories were captured in a series of exhibitions and the three volumes of ‘Reflections of Bollington’.

A later book about the Second World War, ‘From Adversity to Victory’, also contained Bollington’s primary school children’s own interpretations of war through poetry.

Following the successful completion of their reminiscence training, Bridgend staff approached local care homes with a view to running sessions within their organisations.

In August 2013, the first programme was started at Ingersley Court. A second programme was initiated at Shrigley Court in October 2013.

We now run sessions in-house at the Bridgend and also at Harry Lawson Court for Peaks & Plains Housing Association. These sessions are very beneficial for many people, particularly those with memory issues and dementia, and the groups enjoy the sense of connection and fun with others. We use artefacts, conversation, music and singing to trigger memories and engage with others.

If you or someone you know would like to attend one of our very popular Reminiscence sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eight memory boxes have been created and catalogued for use during reminiscence sessions and each has its own theme.

Box 1 – Childhood

The few toys that children had were treasured.

Box 2 – Home Life

Most high days and holidays usually culminated in a street party.

Box 3 – Corner Shop Corner shops provided a real community service.

Box 4 – Mills and Industry

Conditions were perfect for manufacturing high quality cotton.

Box 5 – World War 2 and After

Parades helped boost morale and let people enjoy themselves.

Box 6 – Holidays and celebrations

From the 50’s onwards, carnivals were an annual occurrence.

Box 7 – Costume Box

This box contains period clothes and hats to enhance reminiscence sessions.

Box 8 – Guess What This Is

This box contains about 20 unusual objects to stimulate discussion. The contents are changed regularly.