Welcome to the Bridgend Centre

The Bridgend Centre is a local, independent charity that plays an important role at the heart of the local community in Bollington, Cheshire.  We work to enhance the quality of life for residents and community members by fostering a caring, inclusive and supportive environment. We provide a wide variety of activities, resources and interactions to improve the lives of those living in and visiting our community.

Set up in 1990, the Centre is a place where everyone is welcome.  We offer friendship, company and someone to talk to in an accessible and disability friendly space. We are here to help those who are going through a time of crisis and who need some trustworthy, non-judgmental support to cope and thrive. We particularly support those with mental health conditions, learning disabilities and older people, who without our Centre may feel especially isolated or vulnerable.

The video below is from our recent AGM that took place on Tuesday 10th November. It summarises the last year for the Bridgend Centre.

With the national lockdown starting on Thursday 5th November, non essential retail  shops, including the Bridgend Centre, have had to close. However these venues can continue to be able to operate click-and-collect (where goods are pre-ordered and collected off the premises) and delivery services so we will continue to operate our eBay shop to generate vital revenue for our charity.

The Bridgend Centre will re-open on Wednesday 2nd December with the same Covid secure practises as before. We will be gratefully receiving donations through the same booking system as previously. For more information on how it works and to book your slot please go to: https://bridgendcentre.org.uk/home/charity-shop/

We will continue to produce our newsletter ‘Bridging Social Isolation’ every week. Before next Wednesday you can contact us via email at info@bridgendcentre.org.uk, by messaging our Facebook page or by telephoning 01625 813173.