Walking Trails

The Bridgend Centre has developed a number of walking trails that explore the stunning countryside around Bollington.

Walk leaflet ‘Up White Nancy’

The Bridgend Centre in partnership with Walkers are Welcome and the Discovery Centre have developed a free walking leaflet to show the route up White Nancy and back to Bollington.


Please do pop in to pick up your free copy from either Bridgend or the Discovery Centre. Alternatively you can download a version here:


Walking Trails

The Bridgend Centre has two ranges of walking trails that cover the local area; Bollington Nostalgia Trails and Tree Trails. The Bridgend Centre works very closely with the Peak Park Rangers and also those from Cheshire East, who offer their expertise and are vital in assisting with the construction of the Trails.

The landowners of all land covered by the Trails are consulted to ensure they understand and agree to the routes. Through work in schools and workshops, children are taught to respect the countryside and markers ensure they keep to the designated paths. Markers also stimulate interest, encouraging walkers to investigate other Trails and explore their heritage. Through the Bridgend Centre working group, paths which were overgrown prior to installation of Trails are now well-maintained

The Walk packs containing maps and detailed directions for all the Trails are available from the Centre at £1.00 per pack for those who wish to repeat walks on their own.

Trail 1 – The ‘Bee Happy’ Trail

A 4 mile introduction to Bollington taking in Middlewood Way and Canal

Trail 2 – ‘Ribbon of History’ Trail

4½ or 6 mile walk investigating sights, sounds and scents around Harrop Valley

Trail 3 – ‘Written in Stone’         

3½ mile walk to Bollington’s famous landmark White Nancy , exploring the theme of quarrying in Bollington

Trail 4 – ‘Revolving in Time’
4 or 4½ mile walk  to Rainow looking at the mills and agriculture of the area

Trail 5 – ‘Drifting through the Past’ 
7½ or 8½ mile walk via Bakestonedale  explores mining for coal and fireclay

Trail 6 – ‘As the Crow Flies’
5½ mile walk to Higher Hurdsfield looking at changes in the environment

Trail 7 -‘ Travelling in Time’
5½ miles walk to Adlington exploring the theme of transport

Trail 8  – ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’
6 mile walk to Butley Town looking at aspects of social history

Each Heritage Trail Pack contains a map, directions, memories, quiz with answers and a furry keepsake for the end of the walk. Markers will guide you around the trail and don’t forget to look for surprises along the way!

We also have another series of walks called ‘Tree trails’ which provide even more routes around the area.